Genocide 1915
Armenian Genocide Information
The Armenian Genocide of 1915 carried out by the Ottoman Empire is a historical fact. Despite Turkish denials, it is unanimously verified by the International Association of Genocide Scholars and accepted by nations that uphold moral responsibility above political gain.

Armenian Genocide Petition

Our Armenian Genocide petition is aimed at creating awareness for this great injustice. Our hope is to have the Armenian Genocide finally recognized across the world. Please click on the link to the right to sign the petition, stand in support of justice and spread the awareness of the Armenian genocide.

The following are but a few of the people who's signed this petition.

11/09/2017 rodrigo alexandre de carvalho e silva sequeira da cunha olhão Portugal
10/24/2017 Derek Campbell Townsville Australia
10/19/2017 Caroline Lessard Cary United States
10/15/2017 Marainne Green Downingtown United States
10/08/2017 phil long derry United States
10/06/2017 Melik Vardanyan Ivanovo Russian Federation
10/04/2017 Danny Kemp Port hope.on Canada
10/01/2017 pcivapDM pcivapDM Aqtobe Lithuania
10/01/2017 Eddie Curzon London United Kingdom
09/29/2017 teidutGQ teidutGQ Vilnius Lithuania
09/07/2017 GokEphekRN GokEphekRN Pasco United States Minor Outlying Islands
09/04/2017 Nicole Bradley Muine Ireland
09/02/2017 GokEphekRN GokEphekRN kennewick United States Minor Outlying Islands
08/16/2017 Bryan Dach Elgin United States
07/31/2017 Hooshik Carapeti Richmond United States
07/29/2017 Carin Bradley Manchester United Kingdom
07/19/2017 Shannon Baker Sydney Australia
07/18/2017 coewLoaseIA coewLoaseIA Aqtobe Kazakhstan
07/13/2017 Linda Notto Whitestone United States
07/10/2017 Peggy Pavek Los Osos United States
06/25/2017 Leonid Mikhlin New York United States
06/24/2017 Albert Solovey Skokie United States
06/24/2017 Tatyana Solovey Skokie United States
06/23/2017 Catherine Mallett Flanders United States
06/18/2017 Gershom Martin Rechovot Israel
06/08/2017 Talia Kalfayan Los Angeles United States
06/04/2017 Matthew Barker Oakville Canada
06/04/2017 Aram Aivazian Oakville Canada
06/04/2017 Ani D Yerevan Armenia
06/02/2017 Mohit Mago New delhi India
05/31/2017 Anahid Mananian Fresno United States
05/31/2017 Annie Mananian Fresno United States
05/30/2017 Roberto Romero Leon Rancho Palos Verdes United States
05/21/2017 SailiprokYM SailiprokYM La Primavera Panama
05/11/2017 Tere Hernandez Houston United States
05/08/2017 Juanita Whaley Columbus United States
05/08/2017 Angelina Nardiello Las Vegas United States
05/03/2017 Mennah Abdelrehim Tomball United States
04/29/2017 Olga Kats La Jolla United States
04/28/2017 Alexis Morley St Louis United States
04/28/2017 Lisa Hernandez Lakewood United States
04/27/2017 David Kazarian Parkridge United States
04/26/2017 Helen Stockhorst Lake villa United States
04/25/2017 Anoushavan Hovakimian yerevan Armenia
04/25/2017 Ingrid Knezovich Herald United States
04/25/2017 Claire Fidelia Watford United Kingdom
04/24/2017 Vahan Keshishyan San Diego United States
04/24/2017 Ruzanna Mangasaryan Lane Cove Australia
04/24/2017 Barbra Fergang Ramsey United States
04/24/2017 Jennifer Zimmer New York United States
04/24/2017 Julia Dilacar burbank United States
04/23/2017 Agatha Grigorian Glendale United States
04/23/2017 Rita Lahoud Brooklyn United States
04/23/2017 Grigor Eknosyan Moscow Russian Federation
04/23/2017 karen atamian haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Nicole Khayat Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Violet Atamian-Yunan Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Merri Huberman Kibbutz Bachan Israel
04/23/2017 Artur Markosyan Yerevan Armenia
04/23/2017 Anni Shahinian Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Emanuel Galanakis Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Photo Galanakis Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Emil Khayat Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Krikor Somonian Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Ani Dallakyan Yerevan Armenia
04/23/2017 Nevart Demirdjian Shahinian Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Majed Shaheen Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Astcatsatryan Gohar Nazareth Illit Israel
04/23/2017 Josefin Shany Haifa Israel
04/23/2017 Annette Demirjian Haifa Israel
04/22/2017 Paraskevi Galanakis khayat Haifa Israel
04/22/2017 Sergey Hakobyan Kiryat yam Israel
04/22/2017 Christina Barzhkian Haifa Israel
04/22/2017 Michal Raz Haifa Israel
04/22/2017 Robert Morgan Dallas United States
04/22/2017 Leila Mattar North Haledon United States
04/22/2017 A Kaiser Thornhill Canada
04/22/2017 Sawsan Lahoud Pompton lakes United States
04/22/2017 Rola Barzahkian Lahoud Blairstown United States
04/22/2017 Dikran Kalaydjian Tujunga United States
04/21/2017 Dilip Patel Burbank United States
04/21/2017 Ellen Bland Lafayette United States
04/18/2017 Cyndi Nienhaus Fond du Lac United States
04/18/2017 Elizabeth Dubé Colorado Springs United States
04/18/2017 Denise Holl Danbury United States
04/15/2017 Andre Darabedyan Glendale Ca United States
04/12/2017 Kevork Vertanessian Paris France
04/10/2017 Carolyn Chaparian San Diego United States
04/06/2017 George Georgiev Glendale United States
04/06/2017 Vanessa Sandoval Glendale United States
04/05/2017 Rehman Abdullayev Baku Azerbaijan
04/04/2017 Anthony Lovato Espanola United States
04/04/2017 Kristine Pettersson Kalamazoo United States
04/03/2017 Steven Carpenter Maple Valley United States
03/29/2017 mayda baboomian montebello United States
03/24/2017 Shawn Robinson Rockford, IL United States
03/24/2017 Ashot Badalyan Philadelphia United States
03/23/2017 Nicole Greenwood Verwood United Kingdom
03/18/2017 OlegditKJ OlegditKJ Mount Carey Jamaica